How the idea was born

You are obviously interested in what bird’spective is and how it came about. Well, bird’spective is actually just a thought, an idea. The idea literally flew in.

It was the summer of 2022 when a bird decided to spend a few days among humans, watching them, being fed and pooping all over their terrace. The bird stayed with the humans for a few days and when it got bored, it flew away again. Johanna, one of these people, wondered what the bird was thinking all the time it was watching the people. She thought about what it would be like to be a bird, to fly high and simply change her perspective on everything that was happening in the world.

A bird was born. He had no name, but plenty of thoughts. These thoughts were written down and slowly, slowly became a book.

It is now summer 2024 and illustrations and a bit of color have been added to the book. The books will soon be printed, but only as many as the world actually needs.

Do you still have a little patience? Sign up here on the waiting list to be one of the first people to read Vogelgedanken.

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Join the waiting list

Be one of the first people to read the book and test the app. Your information helps us to better understand the interests of the bird’spective community and tailor the app accordingly. Thank you for your trust!

Shit happens

But somehow you always get rid of the poop. The bird’spective app will help you.