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Bird’spective is a truly social network without bubbles, likes and beauty filters. This is where true humanity happens, even if we disguise ourselves as birds.

No matter what you look like, where you come from or what you believe in – you are welcome here! There are no limits in heaven. There is room for everyone.

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Share your thoughts, feelings and experiences on certain topics and be inspired by the views of others. As an anonymous bird, you fly through the sky and expand your horizons with every exchange.

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A bird flies tirelessly through the sky and provides you with new thoughts, input, poetry and art every week. You can find all this on Bird’s blog.

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Even before bird’spective existed, a bird had thousands of thoughts. One author has turned it into a book. And you can read it soon.

You will also find many other products in the store that will make you happy. With every purchase, you support bird’spective, make thousands of thoughts audible and visible and countless people happy.

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