About us

Who we are and what we do

We have a bird – at least one – maybe even several. Birds help us to see things from a different perspective and to form ideas from them. One idea wanted to fly into the sky and out into the world. This is how bird’spective was born.

With a strong interest in personal growth and inner reflection, we are motivated to create a community where superficiality and status do not matter. Our vision is to create a safe space where people can share their thoughts, feelings, dreams and experiences without being influenced by outward appearances.

Dominik Schwarz

structured | curious | witty

Dominik, our Senior Software Engineer, has a wealth of experience with web and mobile app projects. His expertise contributes to the creation of a functional and technically clean app. He carefully and responsibly takes care of data management in the background and thus ensures a secure environment for our users.

His curiosity constantly drives him to follow the latest technical developments, and his enthusiasm for innovation flows into the further development of our platform.

Johanna Jörg

creative | creative | philosophical

Johanna is a designer and author. Their ingenuity and sense of aesthetics make bird’spectiv an appealing user experience. Her philosophical thoughts provide food for thought and inspire new perspectives.

Johanna’s creative willpower helps to implement ideas and products and thus continuously drive bird’spective forward.

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